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About Me


Relationship & Family

  These ideals are woven throughout his songs, and Randy works at making music that is fun, entertaining and relatable to the listener.  Writing and playing Country music, with elements of Swing, Blues, Rock and Pop, Randy has harnessed his years of experience into providing a great sound with an original edge.


Hear the Influences

In “Small Town Ohio,” you get the sense that you never leave home.  In the song, “Pop,” you are pulled in by old-school country strumming, while hearing about his father, and the relationship they had.  “Crazy About My Girl,”  a fun, country-blues influenced piece, introduces you to the love of Randy’s life, his wife Kerrie, both in words, and as she joins him to sing, much like Johnny and June Cash singing together in many songs.


Share Life Experience

From his first album “Walk Upon The Water”, through the many singles he has released, Randy tells stories and shares insights, frustrations, hopes and dreams in every song.  Saying that “you never leave where you grew up,” Randy continues to believe that we are all a product of our experiences, and that by sharing those experiences with each other, we all become family and are never alone.  After all, that’s what life and relationships are all about.

About My Music

Every Tuesday and Friday a new blog post  is posted about my music.  From the origins of a song, to the process I use to complete one and much more.


Music Videos

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Walk Upon The Water

Official Music Video

You Gotta Do Something (When There's Nothing To Do)

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